Mobile Spa Network’s Mobile Spa of the Month for October 2013

By Maria Koropecky, esthetician and guest blogger.

Fashion and beauty trends come and go but having healthy, radiant skin with a smooth, even tone will always be admired and will never go out of style. For the past decade, Stacey Fike of GloGirl Spray Tanning has been providing mobile, custom, airbrush tanning and contour tanning services to her clientele in Houston, Texas.

Stacey Fike

Stacey Fike

Getting a spray tan helps people achieve a bronzed and sun-kissed look without the worry of exposure to the sun’s harmful Ultra-Violet rays.

Stacey made the leap into being the sole owner/operator of her mobile spa after successfully providing custom airbrush tanning services for Spa Nordstrom in the Houston and Dallas Galleria locations. “I realized there is a ‘select’ clientele in Houston that like to be tan, but don’t want anyone to know they get tan. These select clients started asking me to come to their homes and GloGirl Spray Tanning was born!” said Stacey. “Shortly thereafter, I had a write-up in the Houston Chronicle for my customized spray tan services!”

Spray tanning technology and formulations have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of fake-looking blotchy orange patches and streaks. Having said that, it’s also important to find an experienced professional like Stacey to deliver beautiful results. Stacey uses a certified organic tanning solution along with the most innovative techniques and top-quality equipment in the industry.

“Every treatment/tan is completely custom,” said Stacey. “I take into consideration skin tone and texture, as well as hair and eye color.” She also factors in the client’s activity level so she has an idea of how long the tan will last and how it will fade. She also asks if the client is getting a tan for an event, what kind of outfit(s) they will wear, and whether or not the client will be photographed under fluorescent lighting or sunlight.

“My favorite part of the business is turning a skeptical, nervous and/or high-maintenance client into a devoted GLOGIRL!!!” she said.

The future looks bright for Stacey and her GloGirl Mobile Tanning business. “I have been considering jumping on the “taco-truck” craze and bringing my tans to the masses with a Mobile-Tanning-Bus. Tanning busses are very popular over-seas,” said Stacey. “I am also working towards being the Spray Tan Sponsor for the Houston Texans Cheerleading Team!” and she has included a photo of Karen O’Dell see below who happens to be a former Houston Texans Cheerleader and the ‘face’ of GLOGIRL SPRAY TANNING!

Karen O'Dell cheerleader

Karen O’Dell cheerleader

For more information about Stacey Fike and GloGirl Spray Tanning, please like her Facebook page @ Facebook@GloGirl Spray Tanning, or call her @ (281) 798-4696 or (713) 628-5191. Be sure to say, “Congratulations for being the Mobile Spa Network’s mobile spa of the month for October 2013.”