Mobile Spa of the Month for November 2013

Mobile Spa Network’s Mobile Spa of the Month for November 2013.

By Maria Koropecky, esthetician guest blogger

Are you feeling stressed and are looking for ways to just relax? How about
getting a massage?

Having a standing appointment with a massage therapist will work wonders for
even the most stressed out people but it’s not always easy to carve out the
time for a massage or find a top notch and affordable massage practitioner
who knows exactly how to alleviate even the most stubborn knots on your

Mobile massage is the answer and for those living within a 20-mile radius of
zip code 21207 in Maryland, Genice C. Brown’s, Just Relax Mobile Spa is the
place to call first.

Genice C. Brown -Just Relax Mobile Spa

Genice C. Brown -Just Relax Mobile Spa













“My favorite part of being in business is providing a relaxing experience
for each client that I encounter,” said Genice C. Brown, owner, Registered
Massage Practitioner (RMP) and sole service provider of Just Relax Mobile
Spa. My inspiration behind Just Relax Mobile Spa was to offer clients all
aspects of a spa experience, but in the privacy of the client’s home.”

Just Relax Mobile Spa currently offers a choice of:

·     Swedish massage where the RMP uses long strokes to knead the muscles;
·     Deep tissue massage where the RMP uses forearms, elbows, knuckles and
fingers to generate moderate to deep pressure:
·     Hot stone massage where the RMP applies flat, heated stones to the
body; and
·     Aromatherapy massage where the RMP uses a blend of aromatic, essential

But the services don’t stop there because customers can also request
smoothing body scrubs, nourishing facial wraps, detox body wraps and
soothing paraffin for the feet.

Genice has been described as “compassionate, caring, warm, and loving” and
first learned the art of massage in 2003 after enrolling in the Baltimore
School of Massage. Genice has been operating her “mobile only” spa business
since 2005 and plans to expand into a brick and mortar location soon.

For more information about Genice C. Brown and Just Relax Mobile Spa, please
like her Facebook page @, and visit her website @ and call her @ (443) 463-6442. Be sure to say,
Congratulations for being the “Mobile Spa Network’s Mobile Spa of the Month
for November 2013.”

Massage table set up

Massage table set up