Mobile Spa of the Month November, 2015

Mobile Spa of the Month for November, 2015
By Helen Hodgson

I am very excited to announce this Mobile Spa of the Month and introduce you to a special friend Maria Koropecky of HomeSpunSpa. Maria is multi-talented as you’ll soon find out.

“We specialize in healing body, mind and spirit” said Maria Koropecky, esthetician, wellness coach, and owner of Homespunspa Mobile Spa. “Esthetics and massage for the body, life coaching for the mind, plus energy healing, numerology readings, and spa parties for the spirit!”

The concept of Homespunspa was sprung from a sleep-over in 1999 after Maria invited some friends to a slumber party that turned into a spa party.


Maria Koropecky-HomeSpunSpa

“We each created our own home spa treatments for hair, nails, face and body using natural ingredients like avocados, lemons and essential oils and it was so much fun,” said Maria. “That night, my love of spas was awakened and as my head hit the pillow, the word, “Homespunspa” was born.”

“After that, I was on a mission to open a business that would help people plan their own spa parties and a couple of years later in 2001, Homespunspa Enterprises was established,” said Maria. “The mobile spa was added in 2011 after I graduated from the Aveda Institute.”

“I didn’t plan on opening a mobile spa specifically but after I completed my esthetics training, I started working at a spa and somewhere around that time in 2011, the big tsunami washed over Japan. That event really struck me and I decided that I would do a Mani & Pedi Pledge Drive for the Red Cross. My idea was to go to people’s houses on my days off and give my friends their choice of a manicure or pedicure and they could choose how much of a donation to give, if any, for the fundraiser. Well, the job at the spa didn’t last but my mobile spa is still going strong!” said Maria.

“We offer facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, chair massages, chakra balancing massages, energy healings, numerology readings, and wellness coaching on the mobile spa menu,” said Maria.

The Chakra Balancing massage is Homespunspa’s signature treatment. “I’m offering a special energy healing massage where I use specific essential oils and crystal stones along with music, guided visualization, and a relaxing massage to balance the chakras and it’s out of this world!” said Maria.

“We serve Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and we travel anywhere from Sidney to Sooke, BC, and up island,” said Maria. “Thankfully, I have a team of three talented estheticians, nail techs, and massage therapists that I can call on for help with spa parties and we really enjoy working together.”

“But if you still prefer a brick and mortar spa, you can also find me in my treatment room on 1005 Cook Street in Victoria, BC from 8am to 2pm on Wednesdays and Fridays,” she added.

Maria Koropecky treatment room

Maria Koropecky treatment room

“Hands down, my favorite part of being in business is connecting with my clients. I love our conversations and I love helping people relax and feel better,” said Maria.

“In the future, I’m looking forward to partnering with local high-end B&B’s and offering VIP Spa Days to their guests. A VIP Spa Day is a day of healing and includes massage and coaching,” said Maria. “’I’m also getting ready to publish an ebook on Amazon this year called “Creating Wellness.”

For more information about Homespunspa Mobile Spa, please visit and call 250-812-3487. Be sure to say, “Congratulations for being the Mobile Spa Network’s Mobile Spa of the Month for November, 2015.”