Mobile Spa of the Month January 2015

By Maria Koropecky, esthetician

Nominated for a “Service of Calgary” award in 2012, Jill Burk’s, Health Span Inc mobile massage company is known for providing tiptop service in one of Canada’s most lively and dynamic cities, Calgary, Alberta.

Jill Burk of Your Health Span Inc

Jill Burk of  Health Span Inc

With a heavy emphasis on massage, Health Span Inc also offers full spa services including manicures, pedicures, facials, reflexology, and acupuncture. As an added touch, the massage tables are heated and there’s a choice of massage oils and specialty creams.

“We have two signature treatments,” said Jill. “First, the meditation massage, which is a ½-hour add-on massage, where we use specially-fragranced and elegant oils and play guided imagery at the same time.”

Health Spa Inc

Health Spa Inc

“We also do a couples massage class,” she added, “Where each half of the couple takes turns learning long, luxurious massage strokes, as well as more detailed massage techniques, so that they can use the power of massage to both communicate love and nurturance through touch as well as relieve their partner’s stress and physical pains and discomfort.”

Jill’s favorite part of being in business is about taking charge of her own life. “I love being able to write my own script everyday and knowing that both the good and the bad is within my influence and the outcome is a direct result of my good judgment and hard work,” said Jill.

Health Span Inc has been operating since 2007 and “We currently have 20 team members,” said Jill.

Health Span Inc team members

Health Span Inc team members

Jill is on a mission to help as many people as possible to relax and manage stress. “Our plan for the future of Health Span is to continue to expand in our current market of over a million people until we own this market for massage and on site wellness treatments,” said Jill.

For more information about Health Spa Inc, please visit and call 403-815-8484.

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