Mobile Spa of the Month-May 2014

Mobile Spa of the Month-May 2014

By Maria Koropecky, esthetician

It’s always a good idea to update and upgrade your knowledge, regardless of how much experience you have. Although Keri McNay has had 15 years’ experience working as a manicurist, she still continues to advance her education.

“I received my [Medinails] certification about one year ago,” said Keri.

Three years ago, after a life-changing event, Keri moved back to Davis, CA, where she grew up. While she was elderly-sitting one day, the lady she was working with told her a podiatrist came to the assisted care living place once a month to cut people’s toe nails and charged $50.

“I decided I could do that, but give the extra pampering,” Keri said.

“I was a manicurist for 15 years and stopped doing nails in 1997 when I got my AA in accounting. I had let my manicuring license expire,” she said.

“So I proceeded to get my manicuring license back. In preparing to do that and travel to senior homes, I came across Medinails, on-line,” Keri said. “I thought that would be perfect for me since I would be working with seniors. So I signed up.”

Keri continues to say, “Medinails is a great course for people to do. It is very educational. You can go to their website and read about it. Dr. Spaulding also wrote a book, “Death by pedicure.” What I learned really made me want to do my best and provide the best, safest service to my clients.”

Keri was determined to be successful. “I made beautiful brochures, used natural products. Eco-friendly everything.”

“The problem I ran up against was peoples’ insurance paid the podiatrist and many are on tight budgets,” she said.

So in October of 2013, Keri started working in a salon. “There, I only do manicures and pedicures. I do waterless pedicures. A lot of people really miss the water, others love it. It’s green and safer.”

“Most my friends get the artificial nails. I am not interested in doing that,” she said.

As of April 1st, 2014, Keri went back to school again – this time to learn Cosmetology. Keri said, “I am 50 years old, and am trying to do what I can to support myself.”

Keri McNay Happy birthday

Keri McNay Happy birthday







Please congratulate Keri McNay for being the Mobile Spa of the Month for June 2014.