Mobile Spa of the Month-November 2014

By Maria Koropecky, esthetician

Silvana Marroche is a Massage Therapist to the Rock Stars! As a certified and licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Herbalist, Silvana’s hands have soothed the aches and pains of Rock legends such as Journey, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Kenny Loggins, and Alicia Keys to name just a few.

Silvana headshot

Silvana Marroche

Silvana works backstage as a Massage Therapist for both Stage Hands Massage and Hands That Rock Festival for Charity. She also coordinates and manages other Stage Hand therapists on nationwide and worldwide tours.

“I get to combine my passions of body work, music, and working hard to help people feel better,” said Silvana in a recent interview in Rock Thiz magazine.

As glamorous as that sounds, working backstage in the entertainment industry requires a special mindset and is not for everyone.

Silvana's massage table outside a trailer.

Silvana’s massage table outside a trailer.

“There are many, many pitfalls and dynamic sacrifices to be made to work backstage or to even go on tour with a band, just as there is great satisfaction in it as well,” Silvana said.

If you want to work with rock stars, first you have to remember that the artists are human, too.

“Some therapists get star struck and don’t stay focused on the true reality…that these famous, legendary artists are clients in need of your professional help and that you perform your job at the highest level possible. Many people may believe this is a great thing to be a massage therapist to “Rock Stars”, but most people are really not cut out for it,” said Silvana.

Backstage massage

Backstage massage

Second, if you want to work with rock stars, you have to be flexible. Flexibility is the name of the game. “When you work a tour, a gig, at times you’re booked months ahead of time. Other times, it’s last minute. You drive far and come home late; you don’t know where you will be set-up to do massage. You have to remain flexible and have a positive attitude and not be a massage diva,” said Silvana.

Being a mobile spa services provider in the truest sense, Silvana has provided massage in all kinds of strange and wonderful places including fancy hotel ballrooms, hallways, dressing rooms, and even men’s washrooms!

“I have been set-up in beautiful dressing rooms, and then again, I have been set-up outside under a canopy in 111 degree heat! I have been set-up in the men’s bathroom of the venue, where the men’s urinals would automatically flush when covered by a beach towel! Uncovered, they didn’t look too “Zen,” she said.

These are experiences that are not for everyone. To me, they rock!” said Silvana. “It doesn’t matter where you help ease the pain, as long as you are there to help the artist feel better, and they have an easier ride in their tour travels. You make the best of it, and it works. It’s all in the attitude.”

“At the end of the day,” said Silvana, “I leave with a satisfaction that I helped more people feel better and eased their pain. You have shared the same energy, and memories have been made that you keep inside “you.” Days go by and memories slowly fade. Then, you hear a song on the radio from one of the artists you worked on, and you rewind to that moment in time, and that song has a double meaning to you now,” said Silvana.

Backstage massage passes

Backstage massage passes

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