Mobile Spa Success At Bridal Shows

Wedding season is coming up, so NOW is a good time to consider renting a booth at a wedding show.

I get lots of questions on whether wedding shows are worth the investment . Wedding shows are a GOLD MINE for mobile spa services  BUT you have a plan. Wedding shows give you  the opportunity to demonstrate your spa services at your booth so brides can see and feel what you have to offer: think neck and shoulder massage or hand massages. Offer show attendees a free massage; after all who wouldn’t want to get a free massage, and by doing so, you will draw more attention to your booth.

The brides you’ll meet will also be keen to see how your services will be of benefit to them in the months leading up to as well as, their wedding day.

Here’s a list of the other occasions your services are suited for:

Bachelorette Parties
Wedding Showers
Day of wedding services
Bride and groom couples spa packages
Mother and bride spa packages

Don’t forget the networking available to you at the wedding show. Make sure you leave time to visit the other booths to introduce yourself and carry your business cards with you at all times. Consider wearing your company t shirt to the show and if you have staff to help at your booth, have them wear one too.

How can you make the most of your investment in wedding shows? First, think of it as more than just the day(s) of the show.

1. Before the show

Prepare your booth in advance and have a goal (sales, appointments, interested prospects, etc.).
Use Social Media, your website, direct mail, email, your voice mail and email auto-responder to alert your prospects that you’ll be at the show.

2. Prepare to follow up.

If your booth rental includes an email list of the attendees great! Create the scripts, email templates and direct mail pieces before the show so you can get them out when the list arrives. If not capture the attendees email addresses as they visit your booth.

3.  At the show

Make your booth stand out and reflect what you do. Don’t distract or confuse them with elements that don’t reflect what you do. Use professional signage, ( I included a screen shot of my banner below) something they can read from a distance with easy to read language and font style. Put your signage up high so they can see it.

Check out a the Youtube video I made featuring my banner here.

Helen's Mobile Spa Wedding Show Banner

Helen’s Mobile Spa Wedding Show Banner

4. Staff your booth for the attendance

Who you put in the booth makes a big difference. It isn’t about just having enough bodies there. They have to be the right people, with the right skills.  Teach them how to qualify quickly so you don’t waste their or your time.

5. Follow up with your lists after the show

Be the first to follow up. If you did number 2 correctly and prepared your follow up emails, phone scripts and/or direct mail, you’ll be ready for this.
Use similar branding, colors, fonts and offers as you do in your booth and your other marketing.
Include photos and similar visuals from your booth in your follow-up to tie them to your look and feel at the show. Consider taking photos of the attendees at your booth to jog their memory of you!

6. Follow up again based upon the wedding date

The residual effects of the show don’t end the day of the show. Pay attention to their wedding dates and market to them accordingly.What’s the right timing? There is none, but you should have a pretty good idea when most people book you compared to their wedding dates.

Have you rented a booth spa at a Wedding Show? If so I’d love to hear from you. And if not, maybe you’ll consider doing so.

Since writing this blog post I received an email from Diana Davis and she took my advice and rented a booth at a Bridal Show. Here’s her story.

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