Showcase Your Mobile Spa Services at Bridal Show Event

I was so excited to receive an email a few weeks ago from Diana Davis of The Kneaded Touch Mobile Spa Services in Georgia.  ” I’m taking your advice and I’m preparing to be a vendor at a Bridal Show Event. The lady who runs the event said they get about 300-400 brides come through. I’m also using your idea and  creating the lavender sachet bag with my business card to give as a gift to the brides who visit my booth” Diana said.

Diana Davis

Diana Davis

Early on when I  started my mobile spa, I was a vendor at at Bridal Show and I’d written a blog outlining the pre-show preparation, what to do to maximize your time at the event and the follow up, so I knew I could help.

Diana was looking for a way to promote her business so she jumped at the chance to be a vendor at a Bridal show.  She wanted to attend the bridal show because brides are one of her target markets.

After the event  I asked Diana to share her experience and she wrote, ” The response from the brides was great. Everyone loved the idea of mobile spa services, and to my surprise many did not know the option even existed. I had a massage therapist who provided free chair massage to the brides, while myself and another person answered questions and handed out marketing material.

I obtained contact information from 97 brides!”

Diana's set up at the Bridal Show

Diana’s set up at the Bridal Show

Diana added;  “In my bride/groom information form I was able to obtain wedding dates as well as the services they were interested in. This will allow me to tailor my marketing efforts to their specific needs. In 7-10 days  I will also get the lead list from the company that hosted the event. There were approximately 400 brides in attendance.”

Diana's booth

Diana’s table and brochures

Dian Davis at her table Bridal Show

Diana at her table at Bridal Show

Diana also informed me she would recommend Bridal Show events to other mobile spa owners. ” I would absolutely recommend attending a Bridal show. Gaining exposure to that many people in such a short period of time is rare. In Helen’s blog post on Bridal shows she said to determine what your goals are. I decided I wanted to gain at least 60-100 new contacts and I met my expectations. Aside from that, I met vendors in complimentary industries who want to become partners.” said Diana.

Diana’s mobile spa is  The Kneaded Touch Mobile Spa Services. and her team of six (massage therapists and nail technicians) have been operating for three years.

Diana was inspired to start her mobile spa as she always thought the idea of spa parties was a great idea. When she started doing research she found my information  on starting a mobile spa services business. From there she told me she realized it was possible, and the vision in her mind just grew!

The Kneaded Touch Mobile Spa Services provides Massage, Nail services, and chair massage and Diana’s favorite part of being in business is creating her own schedule, and meeting new people.

In the future she wants to expand and additional spa services such as facials. Diana wants to branch out and serve the metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Please congratulate Diana on taking action to get in front of her target market and for reaching 97 brides!

And if you’re interested in finding out how to be successful at Bridal Show Events you’ll enjoy my earlier  blog post on Bridal Show Success

2 Responses to Showcase Your Mobile Spa Services at Bridal Show Event

  • Diana Davis says:

    If brides are part of your target market this is really a great way to get in front of a large number of people in a short period of time. Aside from meeting brides it is a great way to meet other power partners such as photographers, makeup artists, and event planners just to name a few.

    • Great job Diana! You must be so proud of yourself trying out this new venture. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I have no doubt you’ll inspire someone else out there. Keep me posted on the follow up with the brides and I’ll share with the others.