x Build Your Empire!x x x
greeen10 Your business is successful and starting to take off and you’re scared.
greeen10 You have a flow of clients but they don’t always re-book
greeen10 You are struggling to stay organized
greeen10 Are you in a panic because you can’t keep track of all your client inquiries?
greeen10 You have a reliable team but turn clients away as you don’t have enough staff to fill all requests.
greeen10 Feeling overwhelmed and out of control?
greeen10 You need to hire an operations manager but you’re afraid to spend the money
greeen10 Working too hard for little results?
greeen10 You feel like a hamster in a wheel?
greeen10 Need support but it feels like more work to hire someone to help than to do it yourself?
greeen10 You’re tired of working IN your business you have no time to get out and network x
x Now … Imagine This! x
greeen10 You have systems in place so you’re organized and your business runs like clockwork
greeen10 You have support so you can leave the office to meet and network with new clients
greeen10 You have staff to do the work you’re not good at so you can focus on what you’re good at.
greeen10 You are working part time and spending time with your family.
greeen10 You’re working less and making more money.
greeen10 You’re working ON your business instead of IN your business.
greeen10 You have time to write that newsletter.
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1. Creating a Successful Mobile Spa Business E-Book Program x book_150trThis is the most popular program choice! Not only will you enjoy being guided through the five steps to owning a mobile spa business, but you will receive a whole lot more in support and knowledge. The eBook program includes a 92 page eBook, live coaching, recordings & more! Click here to see details of “all” that is included.
2.Individual Coaching. Let’s define your goals, answer your questions and work through your obstacles so you can expand and grow your business.
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3.The Mobile Spa Success Program For continued support and accountability join The Mobile Spa Success Program.
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The Mobile Spa Success Program Package – 5 months
The Mobile Spa Success Program Package – 12 months