Reach More Clients, Work Less

Are You Thinking Of Owning A Mobile Spa Business?
Can you relate to any of the following?
greeen10 Are you working longer hours but not earning enough money
greeen10 Have you reached your income cap?
greeen10 Tired of working evenings/weekends and too tired to enjoy your time off?
greeen10 Afraid if you hire contractors they will steal your clients?
greeen10 Do you need a vacation but can’t afford the time away?
greeen10 Tired of paying too much office or booth rent?
greeen10 Are you tired of working for someone else?
greeen10 Are you simply unsatisfied with your career?
greeen10 You love what you do but you are tired of being tired?
Now … Imagine This!
greeen10 Working just half the time and earning twice as much.
greeen10 Enjoying family time & earning money at the same time.
greeen10 Being on vacation and STILL earning money.
greeen10 Your income is increasing as your “spa technicians” work.
greeen10 You never have to punch a clock again.
greeen10 You work when YOU want and call your own hours.
Are You Ready To Get Started?
Using My Proven System You’ll Receive
ALL The “Know-How” Needed
For Owning Your Own Mobile Spa Business!
Know What Comes First In Starting Your Own Mobile Spa Business?
Do you build a team or market for clients? How you begin is crucial. My system will show you exactly how to start so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Know How To Create A Stellar Team You Can Rely On.
Learn interviewing procedures to guarantee you the right people for your service; a template for independent contractor paperwork, non-competes and more: guidelines for how to pay your contractors so they love you and yet you make great profits; what to do about uniforms … and more!
Learn How to Get Clients – The Secret Formula.
Who are your ideal clients? Where do they hang out? Who knows them? We’ll discover your ideal client and create your ideal market.
Discover The Best Services To Offer and What To Charge.
I’ll share my very own spa menu that I have been using for 11 years.
Receive Proven Spa Policies!
Includes set up, timeline, spa party flow, what to charge, best services, etc.
Choose From 4 Ways To Get Started!
sixreasonsreport160 BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!
Make sure your download my FREE Special Report outlining all the reasons for “why” you need to get started NOW!
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NEXT, choose from “3” ways to get started! Each “get started” program provides you with a minimum of the 5 “how to’s” listed above. Two of the 3 provide you with even more!
1. Creating a Successful Mobile Spa Business E-Book Program 

book_150trThis is the most popular program choice! Not only will you enjoy being guided through the five steps to owning a mobile spa business, but you will receive a whole lot more in support and knowledge. The eBook program includes a 92 page eBook, live coaching, recordings & more!
Click here to see details of “all” that is included.

2. Five Steps To Owning Your Own Mobile Spa Business E-Book
A 92 page e-book taking you step by step to owning a mobile spa business.Includes inspirational quotes, assignments, personal stories, photos and more. This is the same e-book as in the above “program.” This option includes “only” the e-book. Click here for all details.
3. Five Week Class Download For Owning Your Own Mobile Spa Business
In this class download you’ll receive:
Five MP3’s downloads of each of class.
Each class is one hour.
Click here for details.
4. The Mobile Spa Success Program
For continued support and accountability join The Mobile Spa Success Program.
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The Mobile Spa Success Program Package- 5 months
The Mobile Spa Success Program Package- 12 months