Is This You?
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greeen10 You’re graduating soon and you have no idea how to get your first client.
greeen10 You’re a new mom and you want to work part time.
greeen10 You want a flexible schedule.
greeen10 You don’t want to work for someone else.
greeen10 You don’t want to pay rent at a studio while you build up your clients.
greeen10 You’re not sure what kinds of clients you want to work with.
greeen10 You need help and guidance.
greeen10 You need direction.
Now … Imagine This! x
greeen10 You know what kinds of clients you want to work (and you know the target group).
greeen10 You know where your clients hang out.
greeen10 You have goals and are held accountable.
greeen10 You are working part time and spending time with your family.
greeen10 You are your own boss and you make your own hours.
greeen10 You don’t have any overheads like paying rent.
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sixreasonsreport160 FIRST, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!
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1. Creating a Successful Mobile Spa Business E-Book

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